The Embruix project was born in 2009 from the town hall of Sant Hilari Sacalm together with a large number of local entities, people linked to the world of entertainment and a large number of collaborators, who created this project, a festival where they have space all activities that have a certain relationship with the legends of our region, magic, witches and their concoctions, with common and priority objectives:

  • Recover the Festa Major petita de Sant Hilari Sacalm (Sant Joan).
  • Preserve the collective memory of our land, with the recovery of Legends and written stories or oral transmission.


  • Commemoration of historical events, such as the burning of witches, or alleged witches, and their persecution.


  • To make known and try to preserve the profession of “trementinaires”, women who ran through the Catalan regions, making natural medicines and healing the sick of farmhouses and ancestral homes.


  • To be an element of social cohesion, involving different groups and organizations in the implementation of all activities.

It is worth noting the show “Sabat de bruixes, guilla que fuig” consisting of a route of legends and a witch esaar. In previous editions it was a success of participation and different entities and people have been involved in this project, which has more than 80 people, including actors, organizers, guides, etc. Without your input it would not have been possible and we hope that in future editions we will be able to count on all of you.